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Three sisters, abandoned by their father when they were very young, learn that he has died in prison and has left them clues to money hidden from a robbery. Only problem is that a former deputy, also involved in the robbery, is also seeking the money and chases them to the site.
This tedious road movie is a real chore to sit through. Everything is so obvious regarding the flashbacks and story, that you will be reaching early and often for the fast forward button. Listening to three extremely shallow sisters discussing trite remembrance's as they drive across Texas is all there really is. Christopher Lloyd as their pursuing nemesis, is about as threatening as a basket of bunnies, and the whole thing lapses into more and more parody with each passing mile. The acting is amazingly wooden and the characters unlikable. Pass on "Cadillac Ranch" unless you are having trouble sleeping zzzzzzzzz - MERK
Years ago, I saw this movie in a rack at my local library. Thinking nothing of it, having seen Thelma and Louise a few years back, I decided to give it a try and it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised at how touching and funny, tense this movie is.<br/><br/>These bad girls from Texas are embarking on a journey about the mysterious &quot;Cadillac Ranch&quot;. I&#39;m pleased to say that although it is a road trip-type movie, the film never wastes a moment to get to know the characters and that&#39;s a plus in my book, considering stories like these often have a tendency to lose focus and nosedive into utter ridiculousness. This fish out of a water scenario works well within the context of the story. My only peeve is that sometimes things are rushed and never fully explained. But I was along for the ride(pardon the pun) and I really enjoyed it.<br/><br/>So if you want to see these bad gals work their magic on uncovering the mystery that is &quot;Cadillac Ranch&quot; then you should pick this up. It&#39;s really cheap at, but considering this movie was made in the mid-90&#39;s,that&#39;s NOT a problem at all. Sit back and relax as the journey gets more rip-roaringly crazy and out of this world.

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